2 x 30mm Hoop Earrings in 14K White Gold

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2 x 30mm Hoop Earrings in 14K White Gold description from Sam's Club

This collection offers hoop earrings and chain necklaces created entirely of 14K gold, which is the standard for gold jewelry in the United States. The collection was created for the discerning individual who wants the finest gold jewelry that is available in the marketplace today. Earrings and necklaces made of 14K gold are lustrous. All pieces constructed in the collection use premium materials from the rich alloys. The attention to detail is obvious in the classic designs and durable closures and findings. The earrings in the collection are constructed with a unique and patented alloy resisting denting or scratching and are hypoallergenic. The earring collection includes the time-honored classic hoop earring in many sizes, millimeters, and color. In addition, the selection also houses double high-polished two-tone crossover hoops, shiny polished hoops and diamond-cut hoops that incorporate all the stunning yellow and white colors of solid gold. The hoop earrings collection offers pieces to start your basic 14K gold collection as well as pieces to add a little drama and sparkle to your life. An earring in any color or shape is always appropriate, easily wearable and glows with the radiance of solid gold. The basic chains in the collection are varied and diverse. Lightweight and delicate, the Singapore chain and box chain are perfect to enhance your favorite collectibles while solid, handmade rope chains are substantial and timeless. The Snake chain is smooth and supple, and allows pendants to glide effortlessly on or off while hanging smoothly when worn. The Perfectina chain is just like it sounds: perfect. This hollow rope chain is an affordable way to display your favorite pendants. The chain necklaces offered in the collection are available in various lengths to accommodate a pendant, a neckline or your own personal style. Lengths start out at the 16" choker length and continue into the classic 18" or 20" as well as several styles available in the hard-t

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This hoop ROCKS! Best hoop what I ever had!