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While the Forestier Bodyless Pendant may not embody physicality, it certainly doesn't lack a soul. Or, if Fuchsia is your thing, a heart. Configured similarly to nesting dolls, one hand-woven cross-hatched wire vessel is dropped inside another until a weaved metal core of either Red or Green is reached, the colored mesh shade cradling a White linen diffuser. Grounded in a passionate reverence for the ceaseless beauty of the natural world, it was a mesmerizing appreciation for the ornamental aspects of French gardens that provided the tipping point for Bernard Forestier to found his namesake company in 1992. Remaining true to those original aesthetics -- proportionality, balance, juxtaposing clean and curvy lines -- Forestier continues to move forward, employing new material mediums and pushing stylistic boundaries while continuing to advance the core disciplines upon which the company was built.

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