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A tangled mass of fibers embraces light in the Arturo Alvarez Caos A Pendant, finding beauty in chaos. Constantly discovering new materials, Alvarez utilizes a pressed recycled cellulose cord with highly durable qualities, staying true to environmentally conscious methods of production. Handmade and bunched with rigorous expression, the resulting form is dynamic and emotional. Light fights its way through the unkempt shade, brightly illuminating the center and the ends of the cord. A company marked by excellence in inventive materials, Arturo Alvarez was founded in 1994 in Spain and continues to push the envelope with truly unique lighting solutions. Always in search of new textures and techniques, Arturo Alvarez has taken it upon himself to develop his own materials, which have received high profile awards for innovation. Such ingenuity and hard work resulted in SIMETECHA, a handmade material created with stainless steel mesh that was patented in 2014. By embracing organic forms and cutting-edge technology, Arturo Alvarez strives to create original lighting through constant investigation and discovery.

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I am so happy I bought pendant lights. They fit well, look really expensive and will look great with anything. The Arturo Alvarez pendant lights are well-made ...