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Brand from Taiwan: OrangeBear. Color: Blue, Materials: Cotton + Polyester, Size: 2L: Waist: 76-96cm, Hips: 127cm, Thigh: 69cm, Rise: 30cm, Leg Width: 43cm, Total Length: 104cm 3L: Waist: 81-106cm, Hips: 134cm, Thigh: 74cm, Rise: 33cm, Leg Width: 45cm, Total Length: 104cm 4L: Waist: 88-114cm, Hips: 142cm, Thigh: 78cm, Rise: 35cm, Leg Width: 48cm, Total Length: 106cm L: Waist: 66-81cm, Hips: 114cm, Thigh: 64cm, Rise: 27cm, Leg Width: 38cm, Total Length: 99cm M: Waist: 60-76cm, Hips: 109cm, Thigh: 62cm, Rise: 26cm, Leg Width: 35cm, Total Length: 97cm S: Waist: 55-71cm, Hips: 104cm, Thigh: 59cm, Rise: 25cm, Leg Width: 34cm, Total Length: 96cm XL: Waist: 71-86cm, Hips: 119cm, Thigh: 67cm, Rise: 29cm, Leg Width: 40cm, Total Length: 101cm, Care: N/A

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Finally I found this Drawstring Jeans, thanks god. It has really good lasting. Drawstring Jeans requires almost no maintaince.