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HUM-BOLT is a 8% humic acid derived from premium Leonardite, extracted from a mine known to produce the highest quality shale. Humic acid promotes high ion exchange capabilities, stimulates plant enzymes, increases beneficial organisms and acts as an organic catalyst. For years humic acid has been largely absent from our soil, due to erosion and over-farming. Thankfully, recent research has proven long-stated claims about humic acid's benefits, which gardeners, farmers, and health experts have known for generations. Used in conjunction with our nutrient feeding schedules, HUM-BOLT will increase the health of your plants and your success as a gardener. Guaranteed Analysis CONTAINS NON-PLANT FOOD INGREDIENT: 8% Humic Acid (Derived From Leonardite) Directions: Hydroponics Application: Use 1 tsp per gallon of reservoir water. Change nutrient solution weekly to avoid excess sediment. General Application: Use 1-2 tsp per gallon of water every 1-2 weeks. Foliar Application: Use 1-5 ml per gallon of finished spray solution.

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