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Kitsbow SASTAN Jersey - Long-Sleeve - Men's Sky Blue, S description from Competitive Cyclist

When Marin-based mountain bike apparel label Kitsbow launched its inaugural collection, two pieces made up the core of its line. These were the Soft Shell A/M shorts and the SASTAN long sleeve men's jersey. The designers knew that if they were to do it right, these first items put forth to the public would have to be spot-on. It's an unnerving situation for any startup to endure, as the group's dedication to design, fit, and function is on the table for all to see. Well, we think they hit all the right notes with both pieces, and the SASTAN definitely identifies with the group of riders who value every process that goes into building the best quality riding apparel available. Similar to its shorts, Kitsbow's SASTAN embodies a minimal, function-driven aesthetic and attention to the small details. This is also the case with the materials that compose the jersey, as the designers knew that a versatile, do-anything long sleeve trail jersey needed to be as durable and comfortable as possible. To accomplish this, they combined two fabrics known for their distinct properties. For the outer layer, a durable Cordura received the nod, as this material is known for its ability to resist abrasion, while still being flexible and relatively lightweight. Once the armor-like outer material was decided upon, the designers began looking for the ultimate interior lining. Knowing that it would need to be soft against the skin and keep the rider's core cool and dry, they pulled the trigger on a smooth merino wool. The fine, moisture-wicking composition of merino perfectly balanced with the tough outer, giving Kitsbow's designers the ideal platform for the jersey. The result is a comfortable, dry upper half and a consistent, evenly-regulated body temperature. With the Cordura and merino's controlled stretch working in their favor, Kitsbow's designers had a solid base to begin dialing in the best fit possible. They created a silhouette with minimal panels for a trim, unobtrusive fit ...

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I red all reviews of Kitsbow SASTAN Jersey - Long-Sleeve - Men's Sky Blue, S before my purchase and I was not sure, but Kitsbow products are excelent!